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Flea market price monitoring and tools

AR-15 Colt M4 Carbine Length lower handguard - (M4 Carbine)

Flea price
Last lowest price
Upd: 17 hours ago
Price per slot
(2 Slots)
Average price
24 hours:  1,301₽
7 days:  3,090₽
Price change
24 hours:  +15%
7 days:  -51%
Avg 7d price used
(No skills and no Intelligence Center 3)
Buy from trader
Peacekeeper LL1
$8~ 1,149₽
Sell to trader
Mechanic LL1
Profit flea vs Trader
Hideout crafts
Craft time -0%
Fee -0%
Fuel cost reduction -0%
Use your progress ✘
Use last price ✔
No hideout crafts found. Please check that your Hideout modules has been set.
Barter trades
Use your progress ✘
Use last price ✔
No barters found. Please check that you have set your traders levels in settings
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